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Primary Grandparents Day

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: News

What a joy it was to be part of Grandparents Day on Wednesday.

We had perfect weather with just the right amount of wind - a light breeze, perfect for kite flying. The opportunity to build, decorate and then fly kites was therefore just right for this day. Add to that special family members and friends to join us and participate in the fun, and you have a day to remember.

The scene was set early in the day by the Primary Choir with their beautiful song, a tribute to our special visitors and the grandparent generation. The Pre-Primaries followed with their lovely action songs and encouraged everyone present to join them in their lively performance.

The classrooms quickly became a hive of activity for young and old as the kite building started. Plans were read, and reread, budding artists and dormant artists decorated with skill, and string and tails found the rightful places on the designs. To make a kite decorated with a distinct design, with the ability to be able to fly, may have been the simple aim at the time, but everyone gained so much more than just that. People worked together, shared expertise and showed kindness, and grandparents reached out to other students who were not so fortunate to have their grandparents present on the day. The school day was fun! Sitting down for a picnic together and having a photo taken at the photo booth finished the day’s activities, but the memories will live on – in the minds of young and old, for years to come.

Mrs Wilson