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Primary Kings Park Djilba Noongar Festival

Posted by Mrs Merrin Cornish | Found in: News

Finally, the morning arrived for our long-awaited Years 3 and 4 excursion to Kings Park.

When we arrived at school, we were so excited as we boarded the bus and headed to Kings Park for the Noongar Djilba Festival.

Once we were there, the day began with “Welcome to Country” followed by the Wadumbah Noongar crew. Music was provided by a man playing the didgeridoo and tapping sticks. The dancers wore black clothes and were decorated with body paint, arm and head bands. They performed various dances including the “Waitj” – a dance about emus. We all joined in the Scary Dance which was great fun. After question time, we moved to our second activity.

Elder Leonard showed us how traditional Noongars made stone knives and axes then we learned about yongarin - hunting kangaroos. Everyone had a turn on the boomerangs trying to hit wooden kangaroos. The next session was Kaarla Yarning (fireside stories) with Olman Walley. He was really funny and shared awesome tales.

After eating lunch, we enjoyed playtime on the grass then watched the Pioneer Women’s Memorial water fountain jets take turns to spray up high and down low. The joyful laughter of everyone playing filled the park!

The final session included creating a message stick with indigenous symbols, grinding seeds for delicious wattleseed cake and playing games.

Finally, it was time to load weary children back onto the bus to head for the Hills via the scenic route alongside the beautiful Swan River. Massive thanks to Mr Chan for organising our day out and to all our parent helpers who joined in the fun.

Mrs Merrin Cornish