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Reports: Grades and Comments

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It is coming up to the end of Semester One. Students are now half way through the year and therefore the Curriculum for their year group.

Parents have an idea how their children are tracking because of being involved with home learning, in conversations with teachers, interim reports and in some cases emails and meetings. The Semester reports are still important though, it seems to make things official.

How we read and discuss reports differs greatly from person to person, and the effect it can have on students’ continued learning is something to think about.

Reports are not meant to be a stamp of approval or disapproval, but is sometimes seen that way. Students may see their grades as indicators of how much, or how little their current level of achievement impresses their teacher. They may view their report as a measurement of their level of competence compared to other students. Some students may be encouraged by their report, others may be disheartened and could label themselves as ‘a low achiever’.

The secret is to spend more time reading the comments in the report. The grades are important, but it is the comments that provide the information of what students have achieved and what they need to focus on to make further progress. Teachers write report comments with care, and with the hope to provide clear understanding of what students, individually, need to do no matter what level they are on. Every student can be proud of their achievements, and every student can have new goals for the term to come. Improvement and progress should be the focus, not just achievement.

When I read reports, I read them with joy. Let us praise our students for their achievement, and encourage them with the notion that it is effort that brings good results, not a natural ability. We are blessed with the ability God has given each of us, and we glorify Him when we use and develop this ability with effort and joy.   

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary