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Reptile Incursion

Found in: News

On Thursday 21 June Animal Ark came to MCC for a Year 5/6 incursion, though most Year 6s were away on the eastern states trip. 

Animal Ark brought with them 3 pythons, 1 bobtail, 1 northern blue tongue, 1 tree frog, stick insects, 1 adult scorpion and a few baby scorpions. The tree frog fell on the floor then people screamed. The claws of the stick insects were sharp and there was one big stick insect that completely looked like a stick. The snakes were very friendly; once they got onto someone’s shoulders they did not want to get off. Sometimes the snakes went onto peoples' heads. 

Animal Ark also shared what to do if you get bitten by a snake. Here are the steps: 

1. Gently sit down and not move from your position. 

2. Wrap a piece of clothing or bandage extremely tight around the bite and overlap. 

3. Call for medical help 000. 

Thanks, Animal Ark, for coming to MCC and educating us about reptiles. 

Written by Isaiah Z - Year 5