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Posted by Mrs Liz Johns | Found in: News

Throughout Term 2 we diverted a massive 160kg of food scraps from going to land fill.

This waste, rather, went into our compost bins and was turned into fantastic rich compost. The compost was added to our gardens to give nutrients to the veggies that we grow. The veggies were harvested and given to Mrs Edwards to be made into delicious food to eat. All of the food waste from the cooking room then goes back into the compost bins.

This is what is known as a closed loop system and is good for our earth by being highly sustainable.

In Term 3, we beat our record. We collected 215kg of food scraps from around the school, which was diverted from landfill.

This waste, along with shredded paper from admin, sawdust from D & T, weeds from the garden, and coffee grounds from our café, made 3 large bins of compost which were added to our very productive veggie gardens.

Students and staff are encouraged to continue their compost journey both at school and at home.

Plans are in place to extend the Scraps2soil programme to the Primary Campus. Stay tuned.

Mrs Johns