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Secondary Campus Lines of Communication

Posted by Mr David Elsing | Found in: News

Pastoral Care
(Student leadership/development, behaviour, bullying, uniform, friendships, counselling & chaplaincy access)

Your students PC teacher - found in Parent Lounge / Student Cafe
Mr Will Meyer – will.meyer@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au
Mrs Vanessa Mills – vanessa.mills@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au

Academic Administration
(Career counselling, subject guidance, timetabling, electives, NAPLAN, OLNA, ATAR, VET)
Mr Martin Thyer – martin.thyer@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au
Mr Brendon Barker – brendon.barker@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au

Education Support
(Support for students with special needs, curriculum access plans, adjustments, special provisions, funding, Ed. Assistants, support for students with special needs)
Mrs Jane Thirley – jane.thirley@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au
Mrs Steph Bochat – stephanie.bochat@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au

(forms, first aid, tickets, appointment bookings, excursions, camps, absentees, etc.)
Mrs Marilyn Kleinig – marilyn.kleinig@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au
Mrs Anja De Beer – anja.debeer@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au

(Fees, buses, bookings, e-book levies, booklists, purchasing)
Mrs Lynda Bain – mcc_accounts@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au

Student BYOD Issues – Please book an appointment with Mr. Markus Bronkhorst through Secondary Reception

For more staff contacts please follow the link below