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Secondary Campus Science

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We are well in to Term Two and are now studying Biological Science.

Year 7 ScienceEven so, Physics still comes in to the subject. As the Year Seven students sat around on the floor monitoring their data loggers, they investigated the possible effects of climate change on the environment. It is so encouraging to see the enthusiastic way that students engage themselves in the classes.

One area of Biology that I definitely dislike are dissections. I am so glad that we have Mrs. Simpson as a part of the Science team. She had the Year Nine students dissecting sheep’s brains and examining pieces under a microscope. It looked like she was actually enjoying herself!

Year 9 ScienceI tried to keep myself at a comfortable distance from the ‘blood and guts’. Believe it or not, when I was a high school student, I used to work at an abattoir in the school holidays. I’ve definitely softened in my old age!

Peter Adams
Science Teacher