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Student Poetry Night Reflection

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Poetry; an expression of thoughts and feelings, eloquently transformed into a beautiful artwork that can lead to crowds following around, just looking for a whisper of these words.

Held at the church of the Good Shepherd, the poetry night on Saturday 16 June is one that will be hard to forget for the 40-odd people who were guests for the night. Mr Elsing started the night off with a brief poem of his own before we entered into proceedings for the night.

Beowulf, an early medieval poetry epic, written by an unknown author, was one of the main features of the night. Many of the students involved performed excerpts from the text, but the bone-chilling performances and costumes of Year 10 student Elsa S and guest performer Jackson Black were some of the highlights of the night. With a shattering clap, Jackson slammed the doors of the church closed, creating a fitting entrance for the dramatic telling of the fearsome Grendel and his savage fight against the heroic Beowulf. We were then given an insight into this historic book by Year 10 student Elizabeth H, including an interesting interlude into the world of Anglo Saxon language and its use of Kennings (a type of metaphor).

We then had a short interlude, filled comfortably by an awe-inspiring table of delectable canapes. Pate, dukkha, a selection of blue cheeses, it had it all. This is not to mention the often-forgotten time to spread out and socialise outside those out of our age and social group. As Mr Hurworth aptly said, we are often just “too busy” to be able to do it.

The next event on the agenda was The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury Tales are a collection of scintillating, and often humorous, stories, written by Geoffrey Chaucer in late medieval times. Guests were entertained by performers such as Year 11 student James C, Year 9 student Grace G and Year 9 student Tayisha B who read excerpts from the famous text’s prologue before being treated to an interesting explanation about some of the key parts of The Canterbury Tales by Grace.

Then, the feasting continued. Much like the medieval feasts of long ago, we were greeted by succulent roast lamb with dubious amounts of gravy.

Finally, it was time for the performance of some personal favourites of our young poets. The theme was Shakespearean era with the famous excerpt from Sonnet 18 “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” being performed by Year 10 student Georgia T. Shakespeare’s 30th and 35th Sonnet were performed by Year 9 student Leah C and Year 9 student Grace G respectively. Finally, the night was capped off by a wonderful original poem by one of the guests.

Overall, the Poetry night was a roaring success. Wonderful poetry, great food, an overwhelming feeling of community, it was a fantastic success that will hopefully be a part of the College for many years to come.

James C
Year 11 student

With thanks to Mr Hurworth, Abigail Crombie for pictures of the night.

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