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Teachers Versus Students Ultimate Frisbee

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On Thursday 15 March, both students and teachers alike at MCC gathered for the highly competitive event that is the Teachers VS Students Ultimate Frisbee Match.

The creme de la creme of the senior schools ultimate frisbee playing fanatics gathered on the front oval to face off against their formidable opponents, the Teachers. The students, despite their ferocity and determination were “smashed” and “went down in flames” in a 10 - 2 loss.

The game was “a walk in the park” according to the teachers, who were very disappointed in the student team’s poor performance. Despite the game having had an embarrassing result and “low atmosphere”, the students did find it an enjoyable experience. When interviewed about the highlights of the match, students Brendan K and Daniel D (two of the participating Year 12's) commented that the most entertaining moment was “Mr Rosolin falling flat on his face..." - one of the few moments of glory.  Mr Rosolin, looking to uphold his reputation, argued that the overall highlight was a comical collision between two of the students: Tom D and James C.

This friendly competition was a great way for teachers and students to connect and challenge each other outside of a classroom setting. It was a momentous match and although the teachers conquered in the realm of ultimate frisbee, the Student VS Teacher Basketball Match is fast approaching along with the question, who will triumph?

Leah C and Claire S
Year Nine Students