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The Parkie Pundits Reading Club

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The Parkie Pundits Reading Club will run Monday-Friday for Years 7-II and for students wishing to participate in self-paced reading programmes. 

The Club will meet every lunchtime in Room 4.

The Club is mostly for the benefit of Mr Hurworth’s HASS and Year II Geography and Modern History students but other students are welcome to come along at those times if they are willing to work in a self-paced environment, using their own suitable literature. Mr Hurworth is also available for Assessment help during those time for his own HASS and Year II students.

Mr Hurworth will also be bringing books from his own library which students can use during this time for their own reading programmes.
The club has the following goals;

  • To encourage a culture of reading and enrichment thereby strengthening the College’s literacy capability
  • To promote students’ understanding of the big questions of life through reading some of the best books ever written
  • To stimulate the development of a Christian Worldview amongst College students by means of engaging with broad knowledge
  • To develop a healthy imagination and enjoyment of life through engaging with classic stories

Mr Hurworth is expecting and encouraging a wide range of literature to be read and absorbed including both popular and more challenging texts – above all he is keen to see students enjoying reading for its own sake….

The only rules are being willing to work in a self-paced environment, reading appropriate literature – no devices unless approved for a specific purpose.

The Club is also looking for two student volunteers for each day to assist with library processes. For more information email: stephen.hurworth@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au