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Uniform and mobile phones

Posted by Peter Bolt (Head of student services) | Found in: News

As we finish the most unusual first semester and plan for a hopefully more normal second semester, we would like to remind all students and parents of a few things that we will be focussing on next term.

Thanks to the vast majority of students who always wear our uniform with pride. We aim to support you and use our uniform to bring unity and strength to our College community. A few notes to our current uniform policy you need to be aware of:

1) As of day 1 of Term 3, we are not accepting any non-College uniform items eg. hoodies, jumpers, tracksuit pants, etc. without a note from parents. If you are cold then you need to wear additional layers underneath your formal or PE shirt or buy the official school jumper to wear in addition to our jacket.

2) We are aware of uniform shop supply issues with size tracksuit pants and would simply ask parents to write or email PC teachers with a simple note of explanation.

3) Please make sure you have all the necessary uniform items for the start of Term 3. We will not be accepting non-school uniform, missing ties, or wrong socks anymore so please be prepared. Students who continually refuse to follow the College uniform may be required to return home to collect the required items.

Please read the new and improved Uniform Guide on the College website, (it’s in Student Cafe and Parent Lounge also) if you're not sure of what’s required.

Our College mobile phone and headphones policy is designed to let these popular, but sometimes evil devices be used to assist with learning where possible but also to promote socialising and community building for all students throughout the school day. Students have the remaining 17 hours of every day to use them as much as their parents allow, but at school, we don't want them out at all if we don't have to. Lately, it has been getting a bit off-balance for some students so just to remind everyone:

1)  Mobile phones and headphones should, in general, not be in use between 8:15 am - 3:15 pm, without the direct permission of a staff member.

2) Headphones are only to be used in class - and should not be seen or used at recess or lunchtime at all - unless with the permission of a staff member. We do not want to see any students walking around the campus with headphones in their ears without prior teacher approval. Most of us need both ears for effective listening and it can be considered disrespectful to have a conversation with someone when you are also listening to something on your headphones.

3) If you have your phone or headphones out and a staff member asks you for them, you need to have a polite and respectful conversation with them, as they should have with you. Students do NOT have the right to just refuse to hand over devices to staff when reasonably requested to do so. If you are unhappy with the request or the process, we would recommend you first; hand over the device as requested and then speak to Mr Bolt or Mr Elsing if you wish to argue your case. Your voice is important and we are happy to discuss any issue with you calmly and respectfully.

4) Confiscated items will be held securely in Student Services to be collected at the end of the day. Repeat offenders will have further consequences applied to help them remember.

Thanks for your continuing cooperation. As always, please feel free to contact your child’s PC teacher in the first instance or come to Student Services if you wish to discuss these issues further.

Mr Bolt