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Uniform Update

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The proper wearing of College uniform (formal, sport and Cadet uniforms) is compulsory.

Parents should ensure their child’s uniform is being worn correctly when they leave home. Students must bring a note signed by a parent if they are out of uniform. The note should state clearly which item of uniform is unavailable and when the student will be in correct uniform. Short dresses or skirts will be referred to parents to urgently rectify. All uniforms must be clearly labelled, and it is the student’s responsibility to care for each piece of attire while at school. All new uniform items must be purchased from the College Uniform Shop located at the Primary Campus, or through the online ordering system.

Students are permitted to wear their sport or Cadet uniform to or from school if their sport or Cadet class is in the first or last period. Normally students change into their sport or Cadet uniform and will change back into their formal uniform when these programs are finished.


• A watch may be worn. No bangles, bracelets or necklaces
• Girls may wear one pair of gold, silver or coloured studs or plain small sleepers. Body piercings other than the ear lobe will not be tolerated. Clear studs in body piercings are not acceptable
• Boys are not permitted to display any body piercings, including the ears.
Secondary students are permitted to wear unnoticeable, natural-coloured foundation. This is the only make-up students have permission to wear, students will be asked to remove any other makeup including coloured lip gloss and eye make-up. Continued make-up issues will result in consequences and a parent interview as it is preferred that this issue is supported by parents and adhered to without exception.  False nails (acrylics), nail extensions and non-clear nail polish are also banned for secondary students.


Hair should be neat, clean (combed or brushed) and tidy.
Students with collar length or longer hair must wear it tied back. Only black, white or navy coloured hair ties or bands are allowed.
Hair should not be shorter than number two and rats’ tails are not permitted.
Overly gelled hair or other fad hairstyles are unacceptable.
Facial hair should be shaved always.
Fringes must always be off the face and out of the eyes.
All hair must be styled conservatively, however, girls are permitted to slightly colour their hair and boys may wear a neat bun if the styles are deemed acceptable by College staff with the Principal having the final say.
Students who are not in correct uniform or have not abided by a hair policy request, and do not have a note indicating a legitimate reason why will be sent to the College Office. Their parents will be phoned and an in-school suspension or out of school suspension might occur to rectify the situation.