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We Can Help You!

Posted by Mrs Antoinette Wilson (Head of Primary) | Found in: News


When I travel by air and Security scans my luggage I know it is to keep everyone safe.

I know that by taking these safety measures they ensure that a person who might have ill intent will not get on the same flight as me with something that will bring me harm. It is the same with the checks we have in schools to ensure that our children stay safe. Police Clearance and Working With Children Checks can be time consuming, but I know we do it with good reason.

You might think you don’t need these clearances, however the rules have changed, and it is possible that you may now require them. If you are a parent and volunteer in the same class as your child is attending – you don’t need these clearances. If, however, you work with other children in another class (without your child present) you will need to have a valid WWCC card. If you work in the canteen, volunteer at a College event or help in our carnivals away from your children, you will need a WWCC card. If you are a grandparent who wants to volunteer, or another relation, you need one too.

That is what we can help you with.

At the next PITCH meeting we will help you to fill out these forms, and give you our details to use so that you can apply with volunteer status. As a volunteer, connected to a workplace (like Mundaring Christian College) you only pay a nominal fee compared to the full fee (currently $11.00). You will still need to take the forms to the Post Office to submit and have your photo taken. The Post Office will then send it away for you. The receipt they give you will have your WWCC number already that you can use until your card arrives. The card will be sent to you, and the College will also be notified once it have been approved.

We welcome volunteers and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to assist in our College. Once you have your Working With Children Card you can use it in any other place to do volunteer work as well. You are not restricted to work just with us.
If you have any questions about this process please contact us and we will be happy to help. Our next PITCH meeting is on Tuesday 3 September from 9.00 – 10.00am in the Conference Room at the Primary Campus. Come and share a cuppa and some morning tea with us as we help you apply for these clearances, and discuss the process with you.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary