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What is new in the Primary school this Term?

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This term is geared up to be our most exciting term for this year so far. We have some fantastic annual events coming up, including the Primary Cross Country, Book-Week Dress-up day, Indonesian day, the Pre-Primary 100 days of school, and SCEAvision!

Some new incentives have been added also and will change the way we do some things. From Week 5 fortnightly, we will launch coffee mornings for our parents - this will be a place where parents can come and listen or participate in discussion, and/or training sessions (free of charge) relevant to parenting. The first session (Tuesday 21 August) will be a presentation by a guest speaker from ‘WA Child Safety Services’ on the topic of ‘Protective Behaviours’ - this information will help parents speak to their children about these very serious and important issues.  The second session (Tuesday 2 September) will be an information session about ‘health and nutrition’ for children (presented by Elke Blight, trained health coach), and the third session (Tuesday 18 September) will be on ‘How to support children in their social and emotional development’ (presented by Janine Luzi, our College Counsellor). 

We will also have a ‘crunch and sip week’ in Week 7 and will have a ‘crunch event’ at recess on that Wednesday – which will be sound recorded.

In Week 8, we will start to take greater responsibility for our use of single-use plastics and will introduce a waste-free lunchbox incentive –with the aim to have every Monday a day when we all try to bring waste down to a minimum.

On top of all of that, we will have the ‘MCC 30 Year Anniversary Celebration’ and a very big ‘Communications Day’ event, during which we will launch our Digital Student Newspaper.

Keep your eyes open as more details will follow on all of these events soon. 

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary