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Why do we promote creativity?

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Creativity is a recognised 21st century skill, but why?

In the book ’Transforming Schools’ (Jefferson and Anderson, 2017) we see overwhelming evidence of the impact of the development of creative capacities on all schooling; academic and non-academic. In a study that included 15 Australian schools, students were found to do better in ‘adaptive motivation, academic buoyance, academic intentions, self-esteem, life satisfaction’ and more when also engaged and encouraged with creative opportunity.

Opposite to the common misconception that creativity embodies unregulated and unrestricted learning, it was proved to be a disciplined environment where students learn to grow resilience when they search for answers, and when they are encouraged to keep going with new ideas until they find a satisfactory outcome.

As Principal Rod McNeill wrote last week, we have established a partnership with FORM, ‘an independent, non-profit cultural organisation that develops and advocates for excellence in creativity and artistic practice in Western Australia’. See: https://www.form.net.au/our-organisation/about-form/. We are embarking on a program together, starting this week, with artists that will come to our College and work with our students.

Mrs Mathilda Joubert (Education consultant at SCEA) has been instrumental in establishing our involvement with FORM and has been an inspiration in developing creativity in our College. She has been involved in training teachers to help students understand how to develop this discipline by unpacking strategies in a simple and meaningful way. In addition to her work, five MCC teachers will go for training with FORM artists this week (Thursday and Friday), as the first step in the program. Please remember to join us on Thursday 22 March at 6.00 p.m. for the open evening where parents can hear more about the program, and even pretend to be students themselves to experience the program first-hand.

So, on Thursday and Friday this week, when you see lots of teachers out – be excited with us. It’s the beginning of great things.

One of the most creative person to ever live, Albert Einstein said: ‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious’. We want our students to be curious and to know what to do with their curiosity.

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary