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Why WOW Days

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To say that the students love our WOW Days is an understatement. I spoke to countless students and parents and teachers on Monday who could not endorse them more strongly.

If the purpose of a day like this was just for students to dress-up, we would not do it. The effort teachers go to, to create these days, and the effort parents go to, to help students in their choice of costumes, would not be justified.

Our College’s core business is student learning. These special days impact the learning on a few different levels. Firstly, it creates a positive focus for the new term – a day to look forward to. To quote one mum – ‘the children hang out for the first day’. Secondly, it celebrates the start of a new term of integrated learning in a theme-based environment. It links to the new term theme and encourage students to start thinking about the context in which they will learn. It also opens up possible leads for discussion and research. Students’ interest is awakened and they start making connections.

It is also helpful for parents …

The WOW Days give parents advanced knowledge about the theme for the term. Parents can start to support their child’s learning, as they discuss their child's costume. Simple is best when it comes to costumes. Encourage creative thinking rather than spending lots of money on a ready-made outfit. The knowledge of the theme can provide parents with conversation starters and spark ideas to enrich the learning. Learning that originates in the classroom, can be developed further and grow more, with experiences at home. 

WOW Days are good. Just look at the photos taken on the day in the following article!

Mrs Antoinette Wilson
Head of Primary