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Year 10 Camp | 2018

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On Wednesday, 31 October, our Year 10 students headed off Nanga Mill Campsite for their Year 10 Camp.

Nanga Mill campsite is located in a beautiful valley within Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup.

This year we had three organised activities: hiking, mountain biking, and high-ropes. The high-ropes course was a definite highlight (pun intended) with students challenging themselves on courses of varying difficulty. Hiking and mountain-biking were also great ways of taking in the beautiful forests that surrounded the campsite.

Students oversaw cooking their own food which proved to be an excellent source of entertainment. Meals ranged from fruit-loops for dinner to the ultimate cooked breakfast. The range in meal quality was only matched by the range of decibels emitted by Mr. B’s voice.

Games of spotlight and sardines provided another highlight on the final night of camp. Once again entertainment was provided by students who would often fall over in the dark and walk into one another. We had a lot of fun.

There were no showers or clocks on camp, among other things. However, this did mean that some campers would arise at 5 am, only to begin joyfully cooking their breakfast with bacon popping, thinking it was 7 am – all the while smelling quite bad. Overall, this paints a perfect picture of what this years Year 10 camp was like. 

Mr. Cooper Lee