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Year 10 Camp update - Coming to you Live from Conto Campsite

Posted by Neve L. (Year 10 Student) | Found in: News

The year 10 camp has been a time to remember, filled with great memories.

On Monday, we started our adventure with a three hour bus ride to The Busselton Baptist Campsite where we stayed for the first night. After we settled in, we all made our way down to the beach for some fun team building activities. By the end, we were all covered head-to-toe in sand.

Cooking dinner on the first night was an experience. Most groups got all of their food cooked in time, but some had to come up with more creative ways to prepare their food. Let’s say some ate dry noodles for dinner that night.

The next morning (Tuesday) we packed our bags and hopped on the bus, setting off to our next destination: Conto Campsite. Upon arrival, before setting up our tents and unpacking our gear, we all set out on our first hike of the week. Three groups started at Redgate Beach and the other three started at Boranup Campsite. The hike was really beautiful. We got to see a side of nature that you wouldn’t usually get to see any other way. The views of the beach and the seaside cliffs were truly breathtaking. That night everyone was exhausted, but we all still had the energy to play an evening game of capture the glowstick. There were definitely some funny moments to remember from that night.

The next morning (Wednesday), groups had the opportunity to hike the other trail. Most of us were out for the whole day, arriving back after 3pm.

We are now all recovering and drying up after our hike in the rain. Later, we will light a fire and enjoy some campfire discussion and devotions, before heading out for a night time activities.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Year 10 Camp update.

Neve L. (Year 10 student)