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Year 10 girls take a self-defense class

Posted by Makayla N. (Year 10 student) | Found in: News

*insert intense karate music here*

On Wednesday last week the Year Ten girls went on an exciting, but also a very eager bus ride, to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu studio in Midland. Obviously as a group of teenage girls that haven’t done anything with something like this before, we were both nervous and excited to learn some new moves and techniques.

Self-defence is a very necessary and important concept, that I think more people, especially women, should really investigate. Self-defence is a powerful way to stop any inappropriate or potentially harmful situation from happening. Without this little 4-hour class, I wouldn’t have sat down and thought about the impacts a little bit of self-defence can do and how it can get you out of a number of situations.

All the girls got off the bus and we all were ready to get our moves on. Mrs Hood and Mrs Mills were the lucky teachers that got to attend this class with us girls and trust me when I say I have never heard as many laughs as I did on Wednesday.

Let me create a picture for you. We had to partner up: two teachers, one move and Mrs Hood and Mrs Mills both ended up on the floor. We had a pair of girls having a spar with each other. We had a pair of girls not even being able to do it because they were laughing so much, but then we also had the instructor out of nowhere fake attacking someone to see what they would do. As you could imagine, 26-30 teenage girls laughing was something to see.


Lots of us stepped out of our comfort zones, standing up in front of everyone and helping with the demonstrations, a daunting task for a group of people with little to no experience. The nerves all hit as the instructor picked a volunteer and everyone would suddenly find themselves in a split second looking at the walls and the roof. Quite entertaining for those partners able to achieve the necessary movements to flip the potential attacker.


Even though many of the girls including myself attended this class pessimistically thinking “Oh really, what am I actually going to learn in 4 hours that is going to save my life? “, I can tell you right now that I know for a fact that if I ever get into a serious or life-threatening situation, I have a higher chance of remaining safe.

It’s incredible the techniques you can learn in such a short time that can get you from being on the ground to being 10 metres away from them in 2 seconds. I know that the teachers and the girls learnt some new tips and tricks we didn’t even know were possible and we couldn’t be more thankful for Mrs Hood for planning this beneficial and practical excursion.

Long story short, even if you aren’t eager to try something new and you don’t believe you need anything like self-defence and you think you are strong enough to kick them in the place that hurts and then run like you have never ran before, I’m telling you right now that it’s so worth it to go to even a short course to learn some self-defence moves. It’s just incredible and eye opening to see how amazing and strong your body actually is and the skills you have without even realising.