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Year 3 and 4 Around the World Open Day

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The Year 3/4 Around The World Open Day was an international success! There were representatives from 23 different countries, who brought along wonderful delicacies and fun facts to share with the whole College. We estimate there were almost 200 visitors in total before the event ended. Students showed off their research and presented their findings to visitors from all walks of life.

There were delicacies such as Mochi (Japan), Candied Bacon and Pancakes(Canada), Popcorn and Smores (USA), Salted Liquorice (Netherlands), Croissants and Escargots (France), Italian Meatballs (Italy), Nachos (Mexico), Hommus (Israel), Biltong (South Africa), Sauerkraut (Liechtenstein), Preserved Plums and fried Anchovies (China), a myriad of flavourful teas, crackers, biscuits and cheese’s just to name a few. It was a culinary and cultural delight for all ages.

Students also presented games such as Bocce (Italy), Russian Word Game, Fun Fact Lucky Draws as well as Fun Fact Quizzes. There were more than enough fun facts to rival well-known search engines! It was truly amazing to see and hear students sharing their knowledge, precious personal experiences and family histories to the visitors throughout the day.

The amount of responsibility, effort and learning showed by the students was extraordinary. Everyone was swept away in a tsunami of culture and delicious (and curious) delicacies.

Mr Chan and Mrs Cornish
Year 3/4 Teachers

Italy Japan

Principal Rod McNeill enjoying the international food samples

Parents enjoying the Around the World event