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Year 3 and 4 Scribblers Festival

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On Wednesday 9 May, Year 3 and 4 attended the ‘Scribblers Festival’ at Scotch College. It was such a great opportunity for students to meet famous authors in person and learn about how their writing journeys started and what continues to inspire them.

Chris Riddell (author of the ‘Goth Girl’ series) made sketches before their very eyes while recounting humorous stories of his travels and life working ‘down in his back shed’ creating exciting new characters. He shared his latest sketch book, full of AMAZING drawings and characters, which he filled up just during his flight from London to Sydney and Perth! His advice to students was to just keep drawing - EVERY day!

James Foley (author of the ‘Sally Tinker’ series) demonstrated how great illustrations don’t just happen overnight – as he revealed his ‘first book’, made when he was FIVE! Students thoroughly enjoyed seeing the progress of his illustrations over the years from Primary (which the students related to) through to High School and even University. He showed how he plans out a whole book just through laying out the illustrations first. They even got a ‘sneak peek’ at some illustrations of a book that is yet to be released! His advice was to persist with their drawings and stories as they will get better and better over time.

Kelly Canby (author of ‘Phil Pickle’, ‘All the lost things’ and her latest book ‘The Hole Story’) showed how even the simplest drawings can make a BIG statement in a story. Students were able to follow her ‘step-by-step’ approach, drawing some of her main characters. Students were amazed at how closely their own drawings resembled hers! She then gave them a different approach to creating stories, by making lists of different objects, places and events. Then randomly choosing one from each list to be woven together into a very quirky, yet creative story. Her advice was to ‘think outside the box’ and let your imagination go wild!

It was a great day out and we hope lots of families were able to enjoy some more of the activities provided at ‘Scribblers Festival’ over the weekend.

Mrs Kirrily Donoghoe
Literacy Coordinator