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Year 5 & 6 students build arcade games in Design and Technology

Posted by Miss Hickford | Found in: News

This term, the Year 5/6’s class theme is Games Factory!

In Design & Technology, the students have been busy gathering materials, planning, and constructing their very own arcade games. Their games are all made from recycled materials. Think skill testers, pinball machines, basketball style games and many more! Our big focus for the students has been how to select appropriate materials, work cooperatively together, trial new ideas, work safely, and come up with solutions when they encounter problems. This has been a fantastic team-building journey for our students.

At the end of the term, on Tuesday the 30 June (Week 10) the students will be opening their Games Arcade for the primary school. The other classes and staff will visit to play games and win tickets. The Year 5/6 students are so excited to share what they have been working on. It will be an exciting way to end our term together! 

Miss Hickford