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Year 7 Camp

Posted by Miss Amanda McCleary | Found in: News

On Wednesday 20 March, our Year 7 students headed off to Ern Halliday Recreation Camp for their first ever camping trip as High Schoolers.

Day 1:

All our students arrived at Ern Halliday filled with excitement and anticipation for what was to come over the next couple of days. 

Upon arriving at our destination, our Year 7’s set up their tents, ate lunch and then headed out for their first day's activities. We saw many of our students overcome their fears by completing a variety of challenges they never thought they would attempt! Some of these challenges included; swing of courage, crate climb, and caving! Many students ended the today feeling encouraged, uplifted and accomplished!


Day 2:

Our first night of camping was a success! Many woke up well before the rooster crowed, much to our staff's delight ;) 

We started the day off with a delicious breakfast cooked by the one and only Mr. B., who had built quite the reputation for being the best camp cook ever!
Before heading into the days' activities, our Year 7’s listened to a morning devotion presented to them by Mr David Elsing (Director or Teaching & Learning) on the topic of “Do Hard Things.” Mr Elsing encouraged our Year 7’s on how they are all young adults who all have the capability to achieve and be successful in doing hard things, far beyond what society may label them to be - teenagers who are only good for being consumers and taking the easy road out. He finished with “at MCC, we don’t teach teenagers, we teach young adults. We want to bring out the best in you by having high expectations of you.”

The whole devotion can be read by clicking on the link below;


Thursday's activities included; find the lost pilot, beach games, and a photo challenge. Throughout these activities, our students learned the importance of communication and working together as a team, all whilst having a lot of fun! The day ended with hot milo, snacks and a movie.

Thank you to all our staff and the staff at Ern Halliday for making our 2019 Year 7 Camp such a success.