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Year 8 Cadet Campout

Posted by Mr Ross Lambert | Found in: News

The Year 8 Cadets braved the wild weather to campout and test the skills learnt throughout Semester One.

Our focus has been on camp stove cooking and setting up a campsite. The torrential downpours and hurricane winds forced us to retreat under the shelter of the Maxi undercover areas. This therefore wasn’t quite the bush experience we had planned and hoped for. Nevertheless, the students still had a fun camping experience.

Once the tents were up and secured, we headed out and collected firewood. After collecting the firewood, it was on to cooking some delicious Singapore noodles on the camp stoves. This proved to be very successful and everyone ate a beautiful meal. After washing the dishes, we lit the campfire. All the wood was wet from the weather, however Mr Lambert proved that teaching outdoor education for many years was worth something, as he helped get a roaring fire going. A few games followed along with roasting marshmallows.

To finish the evening, we all read a thought provoking story about “The Wemmicks”. The story was about how everyone of us is made and loved by God. This created some good campfire discussion before heading to bed…… eventually.

As we woke up the next morning, it was amazing to see the sun rise behind the storm clouds. We dropped our tents, cleaned up, and had some breakfast. Some of us even had time to go on a quick bush walk around the school property. It was a very short camping experience but one where everyone had the opportunity to show the camping skills learnt, whilst enjoying each other's company.

Mr Ross Lambert