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Year 9 and 10 Football Carnival

Posted by Makayla N. and Mr Levi Roslin | Found in: News

Girls girls girls. According to most, we aren’t the ones that are up for a tough game of footy due to not wanting to break a nail, or risk getting our hair ruined.

Knowing us, of course we wanted to prove everyone wrong and we weren’t going to change our minds.

With a large amount of determination and training, we managed to put together a group of year 9/10 girls who were up for the challenge.

On Wednesday August 7, along with the year 9/10 footy boys, we hopped onto the bus en-route to our destination. After a very long, but entertaining bus ride, we dropped the boys off at their location first. As soon as that door closed, the planning and strategiesing began. We wanted that win!

We arrived at the "All Saints College" oval. The nervous butterflies were upon everyone. Most of us not played football before, and we definitely didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.

The moment the jerseys were given out, it got very real. The boots were tied and the mouth guards were in and it was game time!

The first game we played was against some tough competition, we definitely surprised ourselves with the win. After the first game we were all puffed out but we secretly wanted the next siren to come quicker, and for the next game to get started.

By this time the nerves had passed and we were just making goals. The second game was more intense, but we all worked together and took home another win!

After 3 tough and competitive games we managed to win 3 out of 4 games and placed second overall!

On Wednesday, I saw us girls work together with the utmost amount of teamwork and sportsmanship. As a student, I’m honestly so proud of all of the girls that decided to give it a shot. The team’s efforts and the overall result helped our school get its name out there amongst the other schools. I could not be more proud as a fellow peer of every one of the girls out there on the field. We are especially grateful for all the hard work Mrs Hood and all the teachers put in to get us to the point we did.

I would really love to see more girls getting out of their comfort zones and give sports like this a shot.

I know as a student, I wasn’t the best at the game. However, in the end, I scored closer friendships with the girls in my year, other years, and even amongst the other schools! It’s really worth the experience and worth the shot because you earn much more than 2nd place.

Makayla N. (Year 9 student)


The boy’s team also did a tremendous job on the day. Mr Levi Roslin writes:

The team approached the day with great enthusiasm and put in a huge effort across the four games. They enjoyed themselves! Standout players include our Team captain Kayson M., who dominated play across the halfback line. Luke R. was everywhere in the midfield and drove the ball forward for MCC all day. Isaac C. burst his way through packs and won a lot of the ball. We want to give a special mention to Harrison L. who stepped up as assistant coach, Jamie J. and Gnarls L. who kept the team hydrated, Ben and Jack W. for umpiring, and Rory Fletcher for taking the photos.”

Mr Levi Roslin