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Year One and Two Excursion

Found in: News

Please read a student reflection of the Year One and Two excursion to the Perth Hills Discover Centre, written by Year One student Toby C.

On Monday Year One and Two went to Hills Discovery Centre. We went on the bus. Then we ate our recess with the Year Two's. Our first activity was hunting for snakes and their eggs, then we went back. We had two minutes left so we got to have a go at the boomerang which came back to us if you do it right. It is hard to do it right the first time, but practice makes perfect, so we waited our turn in line to get a go.

Then we went back, we ate our lunch and then we swapped over groups. Year Two then did the hunting for snakes and we did aboriginal face painting. We also made gumnut necklaces, we got a gumnut with an extra hole, some string and a pine needle. We put the string through the hole, then we tied a knot in the string and we were done. We did hand painting, you paint your hand and press your hand on the paper and then lift your hand up. Finally we got back on the bus after a fun day.

Toby C
Year One Student