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Year Three Zoo Excursion

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Year Three students visited the Perth Zoo on Monday 19 March as part of their 'Going Wild' Theme.

Everyone was so excited as we climbed aboard the bus headed for the Perth Zoo. With the Year Three and Kindergarten students sharing the bus it was a noisy ride. As soon as we’d arrived, we split into groups and visited the Asian Rainforest. We loved the red panda and the stripy tiger.

In the Education Centre, Jo taught us about the five different vertebrate groups. They are Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals and Birds. (F.A.R.M.B. helps us remember!) We saw examples of each group including a pelt of a cheetah that died of old age. That was sad. We saw an amazing python but it became grumpy so Jo returned it to its container. All around us were enclosures for amphibians and reptiles. She showed us a puppet with mixed up features...It was a Rep-ird-ammal. Some parents wandered off to the café so they missed out.

We visited the Wetlands and saw the lazy crocodile and the funny pig-nosed turtle. Lunch was under a massive shady tree right next to the excellent playground.

After lunch we visited the African Savannah and some of us went through the Nocturnal House and Amazonia. Everyone loved different animals and some favourites were seeing a giraffe, rhino, lion, elephant or meerkat. The massive tortoises were special too.

Far too soon it was time to go back to school. Although it was tiring, everyone agreed we’d had a wonderful day.

Since then we’ve done persuasive writing on imaginary teacher "Mr Bob" taking his class to the zoo. We’ve been learning more about animal classification and doing research. Some of us decided we’d like to work as vets or zoo keepers when we are adults. We’ve also written to the government to convince them to make a bigger zoo so animals can have more space. A bigger zoo means more animals to visit. Now that would be fun!

Mrs Merrin Cornish
Year Three Teacher