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You Can Do It

Posted by Jenna, Year 5 | Found in: News

Do you know what a blocker is? Have you ever experienced one?

This term we are learning about how we can stop blockers.

There are five main blockers that can stop you from achieving your goals. These are anger, sadness, worry, not paying attention, and procrastination (laziness). We are learning how to stop these inside blockers and not to worry about outside blockers that we can’t control. For example, you are going to a basketball competition and you get sick. Getting sick is an outside blocker but getting angry about not getting a shot is an inside blocker. We can control our inside blockers with our attitude. There are twelve different positive and negative attitudes:

Self-downing                                     Accepting myself
Needing to be perfect                    Taking risks
Needing approval                            Being independent        
I can’t do it                                          I can do it
Fixed mindset                                    Growth mindset
I can’t be bothered                         Working tough 
Giving up                                             Giving effort
Having no goals                                 Setting goals
Planning time poorly                      Time management
Not accepting everyone                Accepting everyone
Acting without thinking                 Thinking first
Breaking rules                                   Following rules

We should always try to have a positive attitude and teach our kids to have positive attitudes too. It’s not good to have lots and lots of blockers in our lives. They can be really bad for us and make life harder than it should be.

By Jenna, Year 5