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You Can Do It

Posted by Holly - Year 6 students | Found in: News

Do you want to learn the secret to doing your best at school?

This term we are learning about confidence, persistence, organisation and teamwork. Using these 4 keys to success will help us to achieve our goals. These are skills that we are not born with but we can learn to get better at them.

Confidence: confidence is not being afraid to stand up for yourself in times of need, asking questions in class and even asking to play games, believing in yourself and having an ‘I can do it’ attitude.

Persistence: persistence is not giving up in tough times, keep on going no matter what, giving a good effort all the time, having a growth mindset and working tough. A growth mindset is believing that your brain can grow, because you are not born smart nor dumb. The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised so give your brain a work out every day by not giving up.

Organisation: organisation is setting goals, having a neat and tidy desk, room and clothes, and time management so you can get everything done like waking up early for school.

Teamwork: teamwork means don’t be a bad sport, listen to others ideas, share your own ideas, encouraging others, and all doing a fair share so no one is left will all the work.

Last week the Year 6s had to pick a famous person to research their good and bad traits. We realised that not everyone is perfect not even famous people. We all have weaknesses and strengths so that when we feel down we can focus on our strengths. We learnt that it is ok to be different and making mistakes is part of learning.

Here is a picture of some Year 4s who were learning about persistence and brainstorming the advantages of getting work done and the disadvantages of putting work off.

Holly (Year 6 student)