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You Can Do It!

Posted by Holly and Pru (Year 6) | Found in: News

Do you really want to go through life with no friends?Everyone wants friends but not everyone knows how to make long-lasting friendships.

Luckily our school helps us with this!

This term in You Can Do It we are learning about getting along. This is good because it’s a lifelong skill that can be useful to everyone. There are seven values to help us get along: caring, fair go, honesty, freedom, responsibility, respect and integrity (integrity means doing the right thing).

In the first week of this term for our You Can Do It program the Year 6 students had to come up with a role play, book, poster or presentation on wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance or transcendence. Each of these categories had at least 3 character traits that needed to be explained, for example courage has the character traits of bravery, zest, perseverance and honesty. The Year 6 students picked one category to show to the class for them to guess.

Aren’t we glad we are learning this since we have high school next year?! During the term we will be learning to put values into practice for example how can we show respect? There is no point in learning values if we don’t know what they mean and we don’t know how to use them.

Holly and Pru (Year 6)