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You Can Do It

Posted by Rachel Kelly | Found in: News

This term in You Can Do It we have been learning about Social-Emotional blockers.

These are thoughts, feelings, or actions that stop us from doing the things we need to do- like learning, getting along with others and achieving our goals.

The five blockers are:

• Anger
• Worry
• Sadness
• Laziness/procrastination
• Not paying attention

Students have learnt that having one of these blockers is not bad or wrong- in fact, adults have them all the time! The blockers are a bit like roadworks- they slow us down and mean we might have to stop, think, and go another way. It is important to know when you might have a blocker and what you can do to “get it off your road.” Students have reflected on which blocker is on their road more than the others, and have learnt about different strategies they can use to get the blocker off their road and continue on their way- such as taking deep breaths, talking to a trusted adult and using positive self-talk.

Rachel Kelly