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You Can Do It

Posted by Rachel Kelly | Found in: News

This has been my first term teaching You Can Do It! (YCDI) at MCC, and I’ve really enjoyed it!

This is what we’ve been getting up to.

Pre-Primary students were introduced to the five YCDI characters: Connie Confidence, Oscar Organisation, Gabby Get-Along, Pete Persistence, and Ricky Resilience. These five skills are the key social-emotional skills children need to be able to be successful both now and later in life. The children were introduced to the five characters through puppets and have learnt about what each of the skills looks like in practice. Watch this video from our YCDI friends here:

Year 1-6 students have been learning about the skill of Resilience. Year 1 students have been learning about their different feelings, and how sometimes our feelings are strong. We have learnt that being resilient helps us to stay calm during hard times and get back to work or play once we are calm.

All students have learnt about Resilience skills such as practicing positive self-talk, mindfulness, finding something fun to do, talking to an adult you trust, and gratitude. Students in Year 2, 3, and 4 have created some posters about how you can be resilient. Some of these are on display around the school. Year 5 and 6 students have created some digital posters and PowerPoint presentations.
I hope that as we face uncertain times right now, students will be able to put these skills into practise over the coming weeks. If you have any stories or examples of your children practicing resilience at home, please send them to me at rachel.kelly@mundaringcc.wa.edu.au I would love to hear them!

Mrs Kelly