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Advice Corner

Found in: Primary


Want some ideas what you could play at recess and lunch? Need some help making friends? Here is some sound advice from Chloe B. and Emily C. in Year 6

Random Acts of Kindness

- Don’t judge
- Be kind
- Be understanding
- Stick up for your friends
- Don’t bully
- Treat each other how you would like yo be treated
- Share your feelings
- Be caring
- Be super
- Don’t shout at your friends
- Be truthful
- Be supportive
- Be respectful
- Be grateful
- Keep promises
- Make people feel better
- Think before you speak
- Control your emotions
- Don’t backchat
- Don’t take things that aren’t yours
- Be helpful
- Imagine your life if you were in their shoes


Game Ideas for Recess and Lunch

Red Rover (there has to be 10+ players. 5 players face east and 5 west. You have to hold hands and try and break the chain without letting go)

Statues (1 person turns around and as soon as that person says statue the other people have to freeze and whoever moves is out)

Tag (someone is “it” and they chase you)

Red Light Green Light (someone stands a far away from the people and says green light and the people walk and then freeze when the say red light

Four square (1 person is king and you have to get them out using a handball)

King of the pack (someone has to kick the ball to the crowd of people and whoever marks it or catches it on the full is the king)