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Arcade Mania

Found in: Primary

On Monday the 10th of September 2018, the Year 5's and Year 6’s held an open arcade. They used recycled materials to make their creations.

Every class from Pre-Primary to Year 4 visited to play the games. There were lots of masterpieces and everyone loved them! I asked some students what they thought about the arcade.

Elisa N., Pre-Primary
What was your favourite game at the arcade?
Elisa: All of them.
What part did you enjoy the most?
Elisa: Winning prizes.
What Classroom do you think had the best games?
Year 5.

Lola S., Year 1
What was your favourite game at the arcade?
My favourite game was by Chloe and Rhianna in Year 5.
What was your least favourite type of game?
My least favourite type of game where when you had to roll a ball up a ramp.
What part of your session did you enjoy the most?
Getting candy as a prize and seeing my buddy Helena’s game.
What classroom do you think had the best games?
Year 6

Interview by Katya DB., Year 5