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Art of Learning

Found in: Primary

Have you ever published a YouTube video? Well, the year 5s and 6s have.

Last term we were lucky to have two artists come to our school. Their names are Matt and Jodie. We worked with them once a week in Science for a project called FORM Art of Learning. This project is all about artists working with teachers to make learning more fun and creative.

“Working with young people is so dramatically different to working with adults,” said Matt. The mind at a younger age can be so in-tune with their surroundings, so open to new ways of thinking and so deeply curious about trying to comprehend the universe around them.”

We were learning about animal adaptations and habitats. Jodie did the artwork and Matt did the sound. In the art group they were painting habitats and colouring animals we designed in one of the first lessons. In the sound group we recorded sounds that could be heard in different habitats. There was also a group that did drama and they were exploring how animals would react in different habitats. At the end we put together the sound, art and drama to make the videos. It was a lot of time and a lot of work but it was fun watching the videos and I felt proud of what we had done. The artists were proud of us too.

Jodie said, “It is so rewarding to be able to share something you love with others especially when they discover something they love too. The bit I always like the best is watching how your imagination unfolds which results in an amazing project that you should all be immensely proud of. It wouldn’t have happened without you.”

When asked what he enjoyed most about the Art of Learning project, Matt said: “The wild energy of the whole group, the collaborative fluidity between everyone, and the ambitious and abundant imaginations of everyone. If I had to pick one favourite session, I'd have to say the one where we all mashed together two different species into one. The wacky stuff that everyone came up with was so amazing.”

Please watch the videos we made. I hope you enjoy them.

By Xanthe F-M., Year 5