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Book Fair 2020

Posted by Emily P, Year 6, and Ruby T, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

The book fair is a fun activity that we do once a year that children love.

We normally set up in the science room but this year we’ve decided to be a little bit creative and move to the drama room. Which some teachers set up books and themes for the different years, such as year 4’s and down have more kid related books and the year 5’s and 6’s have a bit more “mature” books. What the students normally do is they look around and if they see any books they like, they go get a wish list from their teacher then wright down the name of the books they like, then take it home to their parents, see if they can get a bit of money for the book/books they want then they can then get the book on Friday and enjoy their book for as long as they keep it for. I know for a fact that that a lot of the kids in Mundaring Christian College love to read and love to get new books to find out all the magical adventure in those books. Parents are also allowed to donate any old books that they have just laying around that they don’t need anymore.

 This year the school’s theme for the book fair is the enchanted forest, they have set up the drama room to look like your walking into a magical forest filled with books and small different kind of stationary such as: teddy erasers, fluffy pencils and pens, book marks and so much more fun cute little things that kids like to fiddle with when in class (as long as there not getting distracted). Also of course parents are allowed to come in the book fair and buy anything books they like, or if there kid is sick the day of the book fair or simply forgot money parents can go online and order the books they want  and get it later that week or the week after.