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Found in: Primary

What is 'buddies'? Buddies is when a group of energetic Pre-Primary or Year 1 students get together once a week with their bigger buddies in Year 5 or Year 6 for 45 minutes to interact with each other.

The buddies make things for one another, play together and build strong bonds that will never break. We cherish this time of the week we spend together.

Mrs Sawyer and Mrs de Bruyn teach the pre-primaries, and Mrs De Klerk teaches the Year 1s. Mrs Foot and Mrs Pollen help out with the teaching as well. The Pre-Primaries and Year 1s adore their teachers so much! Their classrooms are located at the front of the school, the first three classrooms. 

We asked some Pre-Primary students what they like about buddies the most.

“I like to Chase Kayleigh, that is why I like buddies.” Oliver

“I like to hug Holly.” Harmony

“I like buddies because my buddy is kind.” Stephanie

“I like buddies because they help me.” Alexia

“I like to do work with my buddies.”  Jesse