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Bush Cubbies

Posted by Opal B. and Emily P. | Found in: Primary

Imagine sticks and bush all around you, and being surrounded by giant cubbies. This is what it's like at Mundaring Christian College.

Cubbies at MCC are very important to the kids because they love the wild life and nature. From the outside of the cubby area everything is actually really camouflaged, so the kids love hiding in the bush and playing games. Don’t worry though, everyone knows the emergency drill if there is a problem.

In the Cubbies we have different year group areas like the year 1&2’s, 3&4’s and 5&6’s. Each area is marked with a coloured circle. In the cubby area we have HUGE cubbies and tiny cubbies. Near the cubbies is a nice sand pit for the young ones.

Does your child have a cubbyhouse at your house and do they LOVE it? If they do, then trust me the cubbies at MCC are more fun!!!!!!!!!🤗

Here are some of the kids’ opinions.
“I like the cubbies because we can play chasey in them.” Isabel, Year 2
“I love playing ‘IT’ and sometimes building the cubbies.” Lawson, Year 2
“They’re fun to play and fun to build in.” Ayla, Year 4
“I like to play animal games.” Della, Year 4
“I love how there are hiding spots.” Bailey, Year 4
“I like clearing up the all the dead branches.” Travis, Year 6
“I like building forts and mining little mountains of dirt.” Callan, Year 6

We love playing in the bush cubbies at Mundaring Christian Collage!!!!

 Photography by Opal and Emily, Year 5, and Blaise and Dillian, Year 6