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Bushfires in Australia

Posted by Della and Ayla, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

We have interviewed classes at MCC (our school) about the bushfires in Australia. They think it would be necessary to donate towards this cause. We will now show you some of the classes responses:

Daniel- If there was a bush fire at the school I would go to the safest classroom.
Marshal- I would go to the safest class room if it were at school.
Anonymous -I Want to help the animals.

lsla -Get water and help put the fires out.
Audrey- Get water and put the fires out.
Aaron -Give the firefighters water.

Luke -I would pack lots of stuff and some money(hampers) and sent it to the people who lost their homes.
Bethany- Make a card for the people who have lost their homes.
Alexis- I would send my dad over and send supplies.

Here is a website telling you about the bush fires and the animals affected by it: 


By Della and Ayla