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Celebrating Culture

Posted by Chloe, Year 6 | Found in: Primary

I could see an army of black, red and yellow-clothed people heading towards then gym. It was Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Children’s Day at school.

This day involved face painting, sitting by the fire and listening to stories, a bush walk, painting a giant cockatoo and making friendship bracelets. I have been around the primary college, asking students what their favourite part of the day was.

Kindy - Lila
I liked making the damper and eating marshmallows because it was fun and the food was yummy.

Kindy - Fletcher
I liked the fire because I got to cook damper and the damper tasted nice.

PP - Jack
I enjoyed doing the bird painting because I got to paint my hands black.

PP - Audrey
I enjoyed painting the bird because it tickled my fingers.

Year 1 - Alexia
I liked painting the black cockatoo because I got to listen to stories while lots of different people painted it.

Year 1 - Nicholas
I liked the painting because it was fun to get paint on my hand. I also liked the bush walk.

Year 2 - Alana
I liked the cockatoo painting because it looked pretty at the end.

Year 2 - Lawson
I enjoyed it when I got to paint the bird because it was fun and it looked cool.

Year 3 - Bailey
I liked the bush walk because I got to look at all the nature.

Year 3 - Mia
I enjoyed doing the painting because it was fun and she told stories about the birds.

Year 4 - Ava
I enjoyed making the bracelets because they were colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Year 4 - Jack
I liked the bush walk because we got to see all the plants.

Year 5 - Caitlin
I enjoyed the walking trail because it was fun.

Year 5 - Cody
I liked the walking trail because it was cool.

Year 6 - Abbey
I liked the bracelet making because it’s just fun to do arts and crafts.

Year 6 - Izobel
I enjoyed the face painting because I liked to face paint people’s faces.