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Communication Day Highlights

Found in: Primary

Everyone had a blast at Communication Day! The Year 2s wrote about their highlights from the fun-filled event.

Matilda: My favourite thing was the guide dog. Harley was so cute. He was well-trained. I liked the Braille. It was fun. I loved aviation because my brother was there. It was so cool! I like going on the oval. I liked the picnic. It was fun. I like the puppets. They were fun to play with. I like the old phones and new phones. I like the ice-cream, they were so big and delicious. I like hanging out with my friends and my teacher Miss Genat.

Philo: My favourite thing was the flight simulator because you learn to fly a plane. I liked lunch because you can eat with your parents. I like the MCC sign.

Alexis: On Communication Day - me and my class went in the gym. It was humongous. I couldn’t wait to hear Mrs Wilson give instructions. What should I do first I thought after the instructions. I went to the typewriter. I wrote 367afdad3cpo. After that, I went to the reading corner and read the Spider-Man collection.

William: My favourite thing was the aviation program and puppets and the oval and the Braille and the guide dogs. The aviation program was my favourite thing because it was like I was flying a real plane.

Christopher: On Communication Day I did aviation. Aviation is war, you fly a plane, it is really fun. The aviation had a simulator. You could also make origami and puppets.

Luke T: On Communication Day, Jamie and I walked around in the gym. My favourite station on Communication Day was the guide dog because the dog was really cute, and it was smart. I liked it when the school had the big lunch on the oval because there were lots of people there and I played footy with my little brother Josh on the oval. After school I liked playing in the bush area because I played army with William and Jamie. It was really fun! Then we went home.

Bailey: On Communication Day we went down to the oval to make the letters MCC, I was part of the M. My favourite thing was the aviation. But I still wanted to do some work but we didn’t. My second favourite thing was that school went for longer, we made puppets.

Brynn:  On Friday I liked the stone stacking, the phones station and even making the cards. Most of all I liked making the puppets. It was so much fun and we made a puppet show. I had fun this year. My cousin was also funny. I hope she likes the card I made her.

Bethan: On Communication Day, my favourite thing was doing the Morse code stall. One thing that I learned that amazed me was knowing that you could read with your finger in Braille! I was very surprised to see how big the ice creams were at the end! I was also surprised that Sonshine FM were there! I really liked going on the oval and making the letters MCC! I enjoyed the whole day especially the card for Mim! The only thing I didn’t like was that there was no work.

Adam: On Friday my favourite thing was the guide dogs at the end of school. Also playing after school with my friends and eating ice-cream in the bush. My favourite stall was the card stall because it is my brothers stall. And one more thing I liked was braille because you can read with your hands.

Lincoln: On Communication Day I saw my buddy who is now in Year Seven. I have been wanting to see him for ages so thank you for bringing the Year Sevens. I also loved how Harley could listen so well. One more thing I liked is how the girl could read in braille which was dots and she could even read it with her fingers. I thought it was impossible to read in braille. I will never be able to tell the way it might be left or right, I had no idea. Next, I went to make a finger puppet, one dog and one alien. It was a one-eyed alien. Then I made a card. She liked it.

Jamie: My favourite thing was doing it with Luke and my second favourite thing was the dog Harley, and me and Luke went oh! And me and Luke went to the emoji world and the Aboriginal stories and the plane simulator and the puppets and the picnic and the MCC sign.

Lara: I liked the emoji and sports station. The faces were funny at the emoji station because I liked the bored face. Then I did puppet making and I made a friend for Cotton. But before I did them… a dog went on the stage and she was so cute, and her name was Harley. She was a guide dog. She did whatever her owner told her to do. I also liked Mrs Cornish’s stall where you get flags, I’m going to do my own name. I also did the Morse Code, Brynn’s cousin helped me, and we spelt my name. Then I went to Bethany’s mum’s store. It was about Aboriginal art. I loved the rocks they made, and I got to make a rock. Also I liked how they drew them.

Logan: On communication Day I liked the picnic on the oval. Even I got an icy pole from my Mum! Even I got a M&M cookie. The M&M cookie was yummy and the icy pole was yummy too. I had fun at the stall. My favourite stall was the puppets. You know why? I liked the puppets because I like craft.

Abigail: I liked lots of different things. Firstly I loved the guide dogs especially Harley the golden Labrador. It would be cool if there was a Dalmatian as gorgeous as Harley. Secondly Mrs Peacock typed up my name in Braille. Thirdly I made puppets, mine was a bird. Fourthly I made cards I wrote one to my BFF Caile. After that when we went to the oval I ran the cross country track, then I played on the oval’s bush where the Year 6’s were playing.

Declan:  My favourite stall was the braille stall because I got the word book in braille. I also liked the puppets because I liked the green one.


Photography by Elijah V., Year 6
Video by Brendan E., Year 6