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Creative Corner

Found in: Primary

How to Draw a Horse
Harper from Year 6 is our newspaper artist and will show you how to draw a horse's face from scratch. 

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-1.PNG1. Draw a small and a large circle to get a basic shape for your horse's head.

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-2.PNG2. Draw lines to join the two circles. This is the shape of your horse's head.

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-3.PNG3. Draw two lines for the base of your horse's neck.

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-4.PNG4. Draw one ear at the top of the head, and another behind.

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-5.PNG5. Erase all of the extra lines that aren’t needed.

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-6.PNG6. Draw a mane and forelock (hair).

Digital_Newspaper_Primary/horse-7.PNG7. Add face details-eyes, nostrils and mouth. Now you're done!

Check out this funny comic drawn for you by Michael J. in Year 5