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Disco Mania

Posted by Lieve and Savannah (Year 5) | Found in: Primary

We walked through streamers to see a queue of students lining up with their tickets.

We could smell hot dogs and hear loud pop music playing in the school gym. It was dark and everyone was dancing around with glow sticks. On Thursday the 29th of August the primary school had a disco. There were two discos. The first one was for the younger kids, and the older kids had theirs later that night.

There was a DJ and the kids were playing all different games to win prizes. They were team games so that meant everyone had to work together. They also had karaoke so three people could sing to one song at a time.

At the end of the night we made a big ring by holding hands so students could dance in the middle one grade at a time. When we left we got to have an icy pole. That was my favourite part of the night – oh and spending time with my friends!

We haven’t had a disco in ages. It was really fun so we hope we have another one again soon. Thank you to the Friends of MCC for organizing this amazing night.