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Don't Litter

Posted by Opal B. and Emily P. (Year 5) | Found in: Primary

Why Litter? It's better to put it in the bin.

Around the world, an estimated one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die each year when they become trapped in plastic or eat it, perhaps mistaking it for a tasty treat.

This is what happens when you litter-other living things suffer.


Do you want your beautiful, beloved ocean to look like this in the future?


What's your favourite animal? Is It a gorilla? A sea turtle? A bengal tiger? Red panda? Snow leopard? Gray whale? Well, guess what? If one of those were your favorite animal, you should know that they are an endangered animal and they could become extinct very soon. Because of litter. And if none of those were your favourite animals, then when you get time, research your favourite animal and maybe the same thing has happened to them!

So, please don’t litter. For when you litter, other animals die a slow, painful death. And sometimes even the same thing happens to humans! Litter is unhygienic and unsafe for everyone...and it's not that hard to put it in the bin.

Opal B. and Emily P. (Year 5)