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Fun and Games

Found in: Primary


See how you go with these fun activities created by Isaiah, Helena and Elijah!


1. What land animal has no legs?
A. lizard B. tiger C. horse D. snake E. sloth

2. Which planets have a rings around it?
A. Mars B. Uranus C. earth D. Jupiter

3. Are snakes mammals?

4. How many planets are there?

5. Is Pluto a proper planet or a dwarf planet?

6. What year did the Jurassic world movie come out in cinemas?

Quiz created by Isaiah Z, Year 5



1. I'm an odd number. If you take away one of the letters in my name, I become even. What number am I?

 2. A magician promises that he can throw a ball as hard as he can and have it stop, change direction, and come back to him. He claims he can do it without the ball bouncing off of anything, the ball being tied to anything, or the use of magnets. How is this possible?

3. There are three apples on a table and you take away two of them. How many apples do you have now?

 4. There's a one-storey house where everything inside is pink: pink walls, pink doors, pink floors, pink ceilings, pink windows, pink curtains, pink chairs, and pink tables. What colour are the stairs?

 5. One night, a king and a queen went into a castle. There was no one in the castle when they went in, and no one else entered the castle while they were there. The next day, three people came out of the castle. Who were they?

Riddles sourced by Elijah V., Year 6

Word Search created by Helena H., Year 6

Comic by Emily L., Year 5