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Grandparent's Day

Posted by Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 students | Found in: Primary

Grandparents are so special. It was a privilege to honour them with singing, kite making and morning tea this week.

The students had a blast with their grandparents too. Here are some comments from them below:

Hugo, Year 4: I loved flying my kite.

Aiden, Year 4: My favourite part about Grandparent’s Day was when my grandad helped me fly my kite.

Charlotte, Year 4: It was fun when we all sat down and had morning tea and we all tried to get blueberries in our mouths by throwing them.

Ayla, Year 4: My favourite part about Grandparent’s Day was that I got to see Grandad, make kites, and Mrs McKenna said I could tell people she was having a baby!

Sophie, Year 4: It was a really fun picnic with really good food!

Lukas, Year 4: I wish we had more time. I wish nanny could have stayed longer.

Samuel, Year 4: I loved playing with Aidan and my kite. It was fun when we were running around.

Alexis, Year 3: I liked when we made the kites with my mummy and grandma. Our kite was outstanding.

Lara, Year 3: I LOVED flying my kite and enjoyed having morning tea with my grandparents.

Max, Year 3: I like my nanny.

William, Year 3: My favourite part was being with my grandad.

Luke, Year 3: I liked making my kite with my big brother Chase!

Mia, Year 3: I enjoyed seeing my nanna and making the kite. I was a bit sad because my sister Chloe and my papa was not there but I had an amazing time.

Charlie, Year 3: I really enjoyed hanging out with my nanna and pa because they were helping me make my kite. Also they stayed and took a photo of me fly my kite with Amelia!

Lizzie, Year 2: My favourite part was going to the photo booth.

Stephanie, Year 2: Grandparents Day was fun because mum, Abi and I went in the photo booth.

April, Year 2: Grandparents Day was fun because I got to see Lizzie get the prize.

Sammy, Year 1: Grandparent’s Day was fun because our kites were amazing. Everyone’s kites in the whole school were so bright.

Alanah, Year 2: Grandparents Day was fun because my grandma came over.

Kimberley, Year 2: Grandparent’s Day was fun because I flew a kite for the first time.

Allyson, Year 2: Grandparent’s Day was fun because I got to see my grandmother.

Nathaniel, Year 2: Grandparent’s Day was fun because we flew kites and spent time with nanna.

Alexia, Year 1: My favourite part was having a picnic with Eliora’s nanny.