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Graphic Stories

Posted by Brynn, Logan, Cailee and William, Year 3 and Ayla, Ruby, Charlotte and Clare (Year 4) | Found in: Primary

How cool are graphic stories!?

This Literacy activity was done with Year 3 and Year 4 students, with Mrs Donoghoe, as a competition that tied in nicely with their term theme of 'Superheroes'.

Dav Pilkey is the author of the popular 'Dog Man' series and the competition was to complete a 'graphic story'. Students were given the first frame of the story and they had to think about what might happen next.

They discussed the conventions of 'graphic stories' first: how the story must progress frame by frame and still involve a problem and a resolution. They brainstormed different story ideas, based on the first frame. Then students went away and completed a draft followed by their published copy, which was sent off to Scholastic for judging. 

All students from both classes went in the competition and below are just a few samples. Ten lucky winners could win a $100 Book Club voucher and the overall winner gets their story published in the Issue 6 of Book Club. Good luck, everyone!


Brynn, Logan, Cailee and William, Year 3 and Ayla, Ruby, Charlotte and Clare (Year 4)