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Guess Who and Staff Fact File

Posted by Rhianna H., Xanthe F.M. and Chloe H., Year 6 | Found in: Primary

Which teacher do you think we have interviewed this time? Read the clues and guess!

If you think you know the answer, speak to Rhianna, Chloe or Xanthe in Year 6.

What is your favourite colour: mint green
What is your favourite food: Sweet potato
What is your favourite drink: mineral water
What is your favourite plant: Peace lily
What is your favourite TV show: The office
Is it either Mrs Rullo, Miss Hickford or Miss P?

Staff Fact File
We have been around the school asking teachers and staff some questions about themselves. Here are the facts we have collected.

Mrs Collette
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite food: Chicken
Favourite tv show: Married at first sight
Favourite sports: Gymnastics

Mrs Cornish
Favourite colour: Gold
Favourite animal: Lion
Favourite food: Seafood
Favourite  tv show: Dock Martin
Favourite sport: Dancing

Mrs Tester
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite animal: Frogs
Favourite food: Stir fry
Favourite tv show: NCIS
Favourite sport: Swimming

Mrs Hannen-Williams
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite food: Pavlova
Favourite tv show: The office
Favourite sport : Swimming

Mrs Warrington
Favourite colour: Pastel colours
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite tv show: Vet on the hill
Favourite sport: Swimming

Mrs Thirley
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animal: Horses
Favourite food: Seafood
Favourite tv show:House renovations
Favourite sport: Horse riding