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Holiday Safety

Posted by Zara, EJ and Jenna, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

Stay safe these school holidays by following handy advice from Zara, EJ and Jenna in Year 5.

Road Safety: If you go to cross roads, you should check the road if a car is coming. If there is not, you can cross the road.


Fire Safety: When there’s a fire around you, you should call 000 (fire engines) and evacuate the area.


Ocean Safety: Stay between the two red flags. After you eat food you must wait an hour before getting back into the water.


Sport safety: Remember to play fairly and do not cheat in a game or it will start a fight .


Playground Safety: If you are at the playground, you should be able to stay in your parent's sight in case you fall or trip over.


Smoke safety: Breathing in smoke is a very bad thing for little children. Because if children breathe in smoke they won’t be able to breathe easily so stay away from smokers and smoky areas.


Stranger Danger safety: Strangers can hurt you and take you away from your family. Remember to check with a family member before you go with a stranger.


Insect Safety: When you find an insect, you should be careful and find out what the insect it is. Because some insects can bite you or inject poison into your body.


Camping safety: If you go camping, you should remember to take a first aid kit. And tell someone where you are going.


Cooking Safety: When you're cooking, you should make sure you have the right equipment for cooking, check used-by dates and turn off equipment after use. Always ask a parent first.