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How our school could be even better! (if that's possible..)

Posted by Alysha E & Sophie C, Year 5 | Found in: Primary

People always say dream big so that’s what we’re doing. We went around and asked 2/3 kids from each class what they would like to do to improve in the school and this what they said.

  KINDY – Add a zipline + bring your pet to school and to be able to play with the big kids

PRE-PRIMARY–Be able to play with big kids.  More days to bring your parents to school.

 YEAR 1 – More free days off school. More reptile days.

 YEAR 2– Statues of robots and new two teachers.

YEAR 3– To have a pet park.

 YEAR 4– A pool movie screen

 YEAR 5/6 MISS H – To have a nature playground. 

 YEAR 5/6 MRS O – A water slide and a pool and a taco stand and to be able to run

By Alysha